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They found the following: The above statistics show that people are now using social networking sites, dating sites, and dating apps to expand their opportunities and chances of meeting someone.Furthermore, dating sites and apps are constantly being developed to target a specific market.For example, suppose that, for the state of Oregon, 12 percent of its total Google searches in 2013 were for the search term ‘Zoosk’.Also suppose that the state of Arizona had the highest percent of total Google searches in 2013 for ‘Zoosk’ at 16%.

The Pew Research Center (2013) conducted a national survey on online dating and relationships.All state percentages are then normalized to Arizona’s percentage.This is accomplished by dividing each state’s percentage by 16 percent and multiplying by 100.The Department of Health attributed these increases in part, to the increased use of social media and the casual encounters they engendered.Whitman (2015) also stated that outbreaks of syphilis in New Zealand in 2012 and syphilis and gonorrhea in the United Kingdom were thought to be related to the app ‘Grindr’ and other similar apps.These studies have introduced the idea of social networking sites having an impact on STDs, but there is still a significant gap in the literature. The results will be useful to state health officials who are trying to inform and educate the public about the causes, consequences, and means of avoiding STDs. (2014) stated that social networking sites could lead to more or less empathy in individuals using those sites.The purpose of this paper is to identify the leading social networking sites, including online dating sites and dating apps such as Tinder, Zoosk, Bumble, Hinge, and many others, that have become popular in recent years and to see if they are associated with STDs in different U. Social networking allows individuals to be exposed to others who they would not otherwise meet.Thus the opportunity for empathy towards others is expanded.On the other hand, individuals using social networking sites may become less and less sensitive to the problems and concerns of others, leading to less empathy and more narcissism.While social networking sites make it easier for individuals to be exposed to an STD since in-network individuals may share an STD, many sites either attract individuals who are not interested in a short-term sexual relationship or who take precautions to avoid contracting an STD.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were more cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States in 2015 than ever before (Howard 2016).

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