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Protect all your accounts and devices with our trusted partner and Komando sponsor, IDrive.In light of all the massive data breaches, it’s more important than ever to make sure your digital assets are safe.The malware, in its current form, has stuck to targeting French internet users — and specifically customers of one French ISP.But that’s not to say that things will remain this way.But this isn’t likely to last, as the malware has been documented by researchers to be changing rapidly.Should it change again, it could easily spread to American email addresses and begin infecting computers right here in the U. Varenyky propagates itself using thousands of spam emails per hour.

Odds are, if a message is offering a “free” i Phone, i Pad, or laptop, it’s probably not real.

When it infects a computer, this malware secretly records your screen — and any compromising material that might be on display.

We’ll tell you how you can steer clear of this freaky piece of software.

According to a new report from ZDNet, antivirus developer ESET has discovered a powerful new malware strain that spreads itself via spam and phishing emails.

Its most notable feature, however, is installing a secret screen-recording function that lies in wait until the victim visits an adult website.

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