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Next, tap on Wi Fi and tap on the gear icon beside your home Wi-Fi.On the next page, you will see an edit icon at the top-right corner, tap on it.Another caveat is that the phone is not always connected to home Wi Fi.For instance, when your kids are out and about, they may use some other Wi Fi or access the Internet via mobile data. If Open DNS doesn’t suit your need or you require a simple way to implement DNS blocking, then you should try Block Site.

Post that, you need to enter the IP Address and DNS 1, DNS 2 address as follows.

It works on the same principle of using DNS Server to block Adult websites throughout. Also Read: Disable Incognito Mode in Google Chrome for Android To get started simply download the app.

Once done, you might have to restart your Wi Fi or phone to flush out old DNS.

The app uses AI to automatically filters out downloaded content on your phone.

You can hide images, GIFs, and videos in your gallery with this app.

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  2. See the following website: For a more complete list of current and discontinued HK lgbt periodicals, see "Towards Full Citizenship" bibliography (HK LGBT Periodicals section in that bibliography).