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Seems like just another guide that can be distilled to: Be attractive Be clever and funny Message/approach aggressively On the other hand, getting numbers while being somewhat outrageous and sexual doesn't necessarily mean you're getting laid any more than anybody else. It just helps differentiate yourself from the others, if you choose.

I don't believe most people are looking to "date" when using Tinder, that's why I usually say, "If you're looking for a relationship, look for my profile, otherwise, let's get real, this is Tinder after all."I use the "about me" to set my self apart, show my intentions or my personality. I'll make a section on the blog all about the about me if you're interested.

But here’s the down and dirty option for getting down and dirty – You want this, so just read on.

This is no doubt the closest thing to a get laid guarantee that you will ever find.

In larger cities there are always places where people hang out.

You don’t have to hit the bars and spend a lot of time (or money) hitting on the same girls that all of the other guys are hitting on.

Maybe my mouth will do the trick…Tattooed stepmom lets her stepson get laid by her cute stripper.

They start throating his cock and in return he fucks her stepmom first while she licks strippers pussy.

Don’t look for someone who The truth is that there are a lot of options.

A lot of those options depend upon where you happen to live or where you happen to be.

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