Older men dating younger women sex

“I think we live in an age where there is a movement towards a proactive choice of NOT having children.

I’m not saying it’s for everyone, but more and more people are making that choice.

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An older woman learns the ability to let go of petty arguments.

For men like me, older women are the ironclad guarantee that you won’t ever find yourself in a position where a positive pregnancy stick could be part of your future. ” – Ramone (33) If there's one quality that defines the stereotypical hot chick in her twenties, it's indecisiveness.

These beautiful little barbie dolls tend to have little idea what they want to do with their lives beyond the next round of tequila shots.

A lot of guys think that young men go for older women either because they’re desperate and ugly or downright boring and want to play board games with their partner every night. My friends and I are all very athletically built, we have our buffet choice of young women.

We also enjoy a good night out just as much as any other guy our age.

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