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But when the moment passes, you move on.’ Douwe, who studied music at the RUG campus in Leeuwarden, reports that most of his peers at the RUG ascribe to the Netflix model of relationships.They’re willing to ‘sign up’ for a partner on a month-to-month basis, but they want the freedom to unsubscribe when circumstances change.Once, a date told her she was the girl of his dreams.‘He actually said I would make the perfect girlfriend, and that’s why he couldn’t see me anymore’, she laughs. If they find someone they really like, they run the other direction as fast as they can.’ Alejandro would do the same thing.He just got out of his first serious relationship, which he says required more maturity than he was capable of.‘I know now I need to be more realistic about what I can offer at this point in my life. I can’t get too connected to anybody.’ He says he can’t go back to superficial relationships now that he’s had the real thing, but he can’t have the real thing either.But the way dating app culture has commodified relationships new.From a consumer behaviour perspective, the easy availability of superficial sexual connection ‘depletes the value of the consumer item, which in this case is human relationship.’ Students are used to buying something, using it once, and throwing it away.

‘For example, I’m thinking about pissing off to Zambia for eight months’, says Benjie, a 24-year-old from Britain.

But I was wrong; the picture is a lot more complicated than that.

In an anonymous survey, 78 percent of students said they would prefer to be having relationship sex than any other kind.

When I decided to investigate love, sex, and dating at the RUG, I thought I knew what I would find.

The Netherlands is famous for frank sex education and legalised prostitution, and RUG students are coming of age in an era of meaningless, tech-mediated hookups.

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